On Recording

Week two of 5720 and 5001

Steven King has a book called On Writing in which he tells of his writing journey. That journey gets rather ugly at points but is ultimately inspiring. Then the second half of the book is his advice to aspiring  writers. The advice he gives boils down to: sit down and write. There are no shortcuts.

I have been recording so I will tell you a little about that journey and what I’ve learned.

My Recording Journey

I’ve been working on projects for both classes this week. I am stretching and growing and learning so much! I learned how to use Knovio. I rerecorded the slides a million times in the process of learning the program. When I added a slide, it made the whole thing hiccup and break, so I had to start over. Let us just say that was ugly.

Today I’m learning how to do a screencast for another presentation. Maybe one day I will get over hearing my recorded voice. That day is not today though.

What I learned

  1. There is no such thing as perfection when it comes to me speaking. I have to be the most clumsy speaker ever. Honestly, I’ve read a portion of Maniac Magee three times a day for the last six or seven years. I almost have it memorized verbatim. Yet I still stumble over my words.
  2. I am not podcaster material. I listen to a podcaster called Write Now by Sarah Werner. She has the most amazing voice. It is calm, pleasant, and perfect. Mine is not. She says the most brilliant things with just a post it note in front of her. I script mind out word for word and it still sounds weird. I’m ok with that though. I will just write.
  3. Still this is good for me. I can see where this technological know-how will help me be a better teacher. I can use it for tutorials with my students. Later, I can make tutorials for the teachers I’ll be collaborating with. I’m wondering why our technology department doesn’t utilize screen casting more often. Hmmm. Maybe they don’t like their voices any more than I do mine.


Pixabay.com by username: 271277

Everyone says online classes are more difficult and I can’t disagree. Some things make it easier though. I look forward to the Webinars on Wednesday nights. I like hearing Dr. SJ’s voice in this somewhat informal setting, which makes her more human and relatable.  Also it makes me fell like I’m student in a class, instead of a baby turtle on a floating island of sargassum in the middle of a vast ocean.


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