Victories and Defeats

I am just tickled right now. I started my blog almost a year ago and I’ve  always wanted to learn how to make a drop down menu. I tried a long time ago and didn’t have much success because I was so new to wordpress at the time. Now I have a year of blogging under my belt and understand a little better about how it all works. I am far from an expert, but I’m learning at my own rate. There is a reason I was called turtle as a child.

I wasn’t sure if we had to have the AASL Standards as individual pages on the primary menu or all on one page on the primary menu.
giphyI thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could create a drop down menu.”
Then I replied to myself, “I’ve tried that before.”
Then the optimist in me said, “I’m going to be a librarian. If I am going to be a good librarian, I need to know how to find stuff. So let’s find out how and teach our self.” At this point I sounded like Gollum when he argued with himself, but that is my usual state of mind.

So I set to searching.  I found a video and whaa-la! I now have my AASL standards I-V on a submenu!

I am QUITE proud of myself!

I’ve learned a lot this week. I learned how to use Buncee to make presentaitons and TedEd to make a “Flipped” lesson. I learned what a Curriculum Vitae is and I’m working on building mine. I learned a lot about copyright and fair use.

I took a quiz this week and missed 4 out of 20 points (2/12 questions). I am not one who will kill myself to get a 4.0 but I do want to have the best grade possible. This grade hurt my heart. I expect better of myself. I’m really good at beating myself up over mistakes like that. I listened to one of my writing podcast today and heard just what I needed to hear, “I made a mistake. Don’t blow this out of proportion. Let’s move on and do better next time.” (paraphrased) Werner always seems to say just what I need to hear. If you want to hear the podcast, here it is Write Now Podcast by Sarah Werner Episode 61 Self-Writing and Self-Talk.

Finally, on a personal note, Monday I took my current WIP (a short story) to my critique group and read the first  page for them. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be viable or not. The main character is a boy with Autism. It is set in modern times. You know people say kids with Autism live in their own little world. This story pretends that they live in our world but they also see things that “normal” people can’t see. My MC sees faries, sprites, brownies, and trolls which come through the barrier between the Fae world and ours. The part I don’t know about is my MC is non-verbal.

The critique group loved it though and said I had to finish writing it! I was ecstatic but that means I have to figure some things out. Who knows when I’ll have time, but I’ll eek some out somewhere in the next couple months. Maybe that’ll be my reward when I finish the week’s homework.


*Gif is from 
I looked up the copyrights and found this article and most others say that for now it falls under fair use. Wing Nut Films: If I’m wrong, tell me to remove this gif and I will.






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