Living a Thousand Lives

I can’t believe I’m almost done with my first semester of grad school! I also can’t believe I’m about to go back to work. Monday I have a training. Thursday, I begin in-service. I am really excited to take what I’ve learned this semester and apply it in the classroom! I have so many ideas now I’m going to have trouble narrowing them down to a manageable list.

I feel more energized this year as the school year approaches. I believe that is due to what I’ve learned this semester, my classmates, and the very act of learning is energizing.

I have an extra strong desire to make my classroom feel homier this year. I bought two lamps, an extra bookcase, and made this painting for my classroom.

A Reader lives a thousand lives before he dies

The book is one I’m giving away for my blogiversary. This marks one year of blogging on . I am super excited because I have over 100 blog followers as of this week!  I’m nearing 1,000 followers on Twitter and almost to 500 followers on Instagram. I started the Kathryn.Fletchers.Quill facebook page this week. (Kathryn Fletcher is my pen name.) I am most excited about the blog though. So far it has been mostly book reviews. This year my goal is to start adding in some content about writing and a little bit about reading. I made a spreadsheet to plan my posts. I have enough ideas for posts to do one every week for the rest of the year. I don’t know when I’ll have time, but I’ll make the time somehow.

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