SEL- Social Emotional Learning

This week I have been feeling the stress! My research paper was due for the cataloging class. I had 2 discussion questions to respond to.  I took a quiz. And now I have a portfolio due on Wednesday.

I’ve attended a million meetings at work. I’ve been trying to get 3 different assignments graded. I’ve tried out a new idea called a HyperDoc, only to discover that the kids can’t access the videos even if they are routed through safe share. I rerecorded most of the videos, so I got that working now. I would share the document on here but it links to some district curriculum that is their intellectual property, not mine. Sorry.

One of the meetings after school was about SEL- Social Emotional Learning. I am really excited about this! My students need to chill and I definitely need to chill! I tried Headspace this summer and did the free trial part. I loved it but to continue, I’d have to pay $8 a month. UGH.

If you are interested in learning more, here is one of the videos they offer for free. It is just information about it, not an actual guided meditation.

I can’t wait to learn more through the school study on the book Mindfulness for Teachers.

On another topic: While working on my cataloging portfolio today, I discovered this page which I’ve already found helpful.

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