INFO 5000 and 5600

I have been bad about keeping up with both of my blogs, personal book site, and this one. I’ve begun taking INFO 500 and INFO 5600 this semester and I vow to do better this semester.

I was reading module 1 of my 5000 class and found this gem. 5000 is the Intro to Library professions. 5600 is all about Knowledge and Information and how to find it, how to serve our patrons.

USC’s Online Master of Library and Information Management

The 5 laws of library science are something I want to remember. I am so anxious to be in a library of my own. I can nearly taste it. Although, I hear there is one, maybe 2 school openings this year. I am praying that I am hired to work as a librarian this spring or summer for next fall. I want to be able to apply what I’m learning with a specific library in mind. I think it will help me learn the information better.

I hope I survive this semester. This is the first semester in which I’m taking 2 classes while working full time as a teacher. So far, I’m drowning. It is not hard. Well, not yet anyway. I’m just not used to the new routine.

There I go again: babbling. Sorry.

5000 Module 1 is about books: how they are made, the different types of binding, how the letters are made for printing. One thought I have about that is: The video was made in 1985. Do printers even use the tiny little letters in a press anymore. Don’t we now use laser printers? I suppose it is good to know how we used to do it. I’ve actually thought very seriously about trying to make blank hand bound journals for myself, so I know some of what the video was talking about from my research into that.

Next up on the to do list for today is read 5 or so articles about “What is library science?” and “What is information science?”

Happy reading all!

One thought on “INFO 5000 and 5600

  1. I took 5000 last summer and it was intense. The research paper was incredibly time consuming for me (it took me a long time and a lot of searching to find enough articles on my topic). I recommend setting a timeline for collecting resources throughout the semester so you have them all lined up when you get to the end. Good luck!

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