Aimlessly Wandering

I haven’t written a blog post in awhile…on either blog. I’ve pretty much decided to set my other blog aside until after I’m done with grad school. Maybe this summer I will be able to squeeze in a post or two.

At night I still browse Pinterest before I go to sleep. Tonight I stumbled on a blog post that reminded me of something. (But first, let me explain)


I have not been posting regularly on this as I should. You see, this blog is an assignment. It wasn’t my idea to start this blog. I’m not bitter at all though. I like blogging. It’s just that usually when a person begins a blog, it’s because they have something to share about the topic.

I’m a student. I’m not an expert. I’d share my assignments, but I don’t want to put assignments out there for other students to copy. I’d feel like I was enabling cheating.

I’ve felt like a student wandering lost in the foggy woods. Actually, not even lost. I’m a student wandering without a destination in mind.

Back to that blog post I saw on Pinterest: Who is your target audience? That is what I’ve been missing with this blog. I’ve had that thought before but I’ve been in survival mode trying to figure out how to make it in grad school. I’m not saying I’ve figured that out, I just know I need to dedicate more brain power to this endeavor. Since we weren’t given a clear purpose, I need to make one for myself.

First step: Who is my target audience?

Second step: What is my mission statement?

Third step: What content should I be sharing?

Stay tuned for the answers to those questions.

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