Shelving and Shushing

People often have a very clear image of librarians in their minds, even if it is a little ( or a lot) cardboard cutout-ish. Well, actually they have two.

Stereotype #1

mean librarian

Old, as in grey hair. Mousey. Loves sweaters. Glasses, often cat-eyed. Wrinkled. Cranky. Super sensitive to the slightest noise. Shushing. And endlessly shelving books.

Am I right?

Some of that may be true for some librarians but not all of them. In fact, some of these are true for me. I do have a few grey hairs, but I color them. I do wear glasses and they have a bit of a cat-eye to them. I am fairly mousy looking. I am very cold natured, so I do love a good fuzzy sweater. If I’m being honest, I can be cranky if you keep me up too late but I’m generally a pretty pleasant person.  I am sensitive to excessive loudness, like rock concerts and large crowds. Annnd I am a teacher so I have been known to shush a student or two when they are being too loud. I have often helped our librarian shelve books. Okay. So maybe I do exhibit many of these traits.

But here is the thing, that is not the extent of who I am. I and We are not those cardboard cutouts.

I happen to also like suit jackets because I think they look more professional than sweaters. But really, I am absolutely passionate about helping people! There is no greater joy than to have a person come up to you and say…

“I read that book you told me about. It. was. AWESOME! Is there more like it?”

Stereotype #2

The second stereotype is the sexy librarian. Ummm…. yeah, this is not me. Maybe some librarians out there are like this, but NOT this one!

Wow! Those are some wild extremes! Neither of them are who we are or what we are about.

What are we about? More on that later.

In Other News

I chose my topic for my INFO (5000 Intro to Information Sciences): Changing Roles of Librarians. That was a rather broad topic so I came up with this thesis statement: Many people believe librarians are becoming obsolete, but the truth is that librarians are even more necessary than they used to be.

I’m rather excited about writing this paper. I’ve had so many people question my decision to go into librarianship because they think libraries are going away. Now I will be organizing my thoughts and finding documents that predict the contrary. I will be able to explain why this is not true.

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