Career Development Project

This is the Career Development project I did for INFO 5000.

Also, I did hear back from the Public Library Marketing Director after I wrote the paper. These were her responses:

Public Library
Who are your stakeholders?

Who is your target audience?

We engage with city residents of all ages with the goal of sharing lifelong learning opportunities. Our stakeholders are citizens, community leaders, educational institutions, corporations, and other organizations vested in the quality of life in Plano.
Where does your funding come from?99% of our funding comes through taxes paid to the City of Plano, other funding is through grants and our support organization, Friends of the Plano Public Library.
How do you gather data to inform your marketing plan?We look in the community for interests and needs, we connect with community partners like local schools and non-profit organizations, we survey patrons, and look at numbers from circulation of materials, people visiting the library, usage of online resources, and number of people attending programs and classes.
What age group do you focus on primarily? Secondarily?

How do you determine how much to allocate resources for the different areas of the library (by age group, or by books vs supplies)?

We focus on lifelong learning for our community, and determine focus areas for a current fiscal year or period of years. Our current focus areas are early learning, STEAM for all ages, career development (teens, young adults, adults), and serving seniors. Allocating resources toward materials is done by our technical services manager, who looks at circulation and usage statistics to determine where funds are best spent.
How would you describe the Library’s brand personality? What feelings do you hope to evoke when patrons come to the library?Friendly, welcoming, ready to help, a sense that we can answer questions or refer people to another source for answers
What words describe the direction you want to take the library towards?For the community to know that we are more than books, focusing on outreach and showing people that the library is partner in education and lifelong learning
Do you have a mission statement?


Do you have a strategic positioning statement?

The library mission statement is “Plano Public Library provides a welcoming, supportive environment for engaging our community, enriching lives and educating minds.


Our four strategic cornerstones are:

Community – we are a welcoming place for lifelong learning that is valued as an integral part of Plano.

Development – we are committed to supporting and retaining highly trained staff.

Place – we value interactions at the library and in the community as opportunities to positively impact our citizens.

Programs – we provide relevant and informative programs and resources for all stages of lifelong learning.

Do you do a statistical review? Who is the data reported to?We constantly analyze data, reported to city management, our city council, the Texas State Library and other entities.
Do you set goals? Social Media goals? Circulation goals?We set goals to increase many things like circulation, social media posts, attendance at programs, website hits, eNews subscriptions, outreach visits, and many other things. We look at historical data to see if we are trending upward or downward and address the issue.
How do you advertise your services?Seasonal “Engage” event brochure, monthly eNews, social media and digital outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr), library website, print materials, event postings and articles in local online media outlets and magazines, presentations to local community groups, outreach visits to community events, schools, and other organizations, and internally through staff sharing information and thinking of themselves as marketers for the library.

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