I’m on Draft 2 of my IOP, specifically 2.2, and I found this page very useful as I tried to understand FRBR.

And this was helpful for section 2.1

For section 2.2 FRBR look at this here

I’m still fumbling around. So far I have not found the readings on Blackboard (Learn) or the textbook readings helpful in the slightest. The most helpful, really the only thing that makes this project doable and helps me understand the concepts are the recorded lectures for each of the sections and the 35-page document that has instructions for the project. I wish he gave more examples. I know he doesn’t want something overly formulaic but I learn by example. When I write creatively, I look at what others have done and try to emulate it with my own voice. I would hope that a Masters level student would be able to do the same when given an example. I have never done this kind of project before and I feel blind and lost.


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