5200 Class Big Picture Overview

I am taking 5200 by itself this summer because people warned me it was intense. They were right. This is definitely a class to take by itself, even during the summer. During the year classes are spread out over 4 months but in the summer it gets crammed into 2 months. What that means is I’ve, for the most part, spent about 40 hours a week on this class. Here are my very intelligent thoughts on the assignment:

Part I

Say WHAT?! It was hard to understand the concepts and put them into words.

Hint: all of these sections involve lots and lots of reading and referring back to the material. I read and reread it all gaining another 10% of understanding each time I read it. None of it was super easy to comprehend. It really is a foreign language and NOTHING about it is romantic.

Part II

Ok, maybe I am getting the hang of this. But it is still pretty dang hard. I got a 96

girl joy


This was not too bad. I actually got a 100 on this part! I’m super proud of that because Dr. Enoch does not seem like the type to give 100s away easily.

Concept Briefing

This was a normal research paper. It felt kinda like coming home to something familiar. Research, I can do! I’ve had lots of practice at this and I know what I’m doing here. Citations, almost blindfolded. Almost. So on this, I earned a 96.

Part III

girl crying

Tears. Lots and Lots of Tears. Not the beautiful tears, big ole ugly cry.

It is a lot of work, a lot of difficult concepts, and everyone says part 3 is the hardest. They are right. The only good thing I can say about this part is that I finally feel like I’m becoming an expert at academic writing.

This one was an 89. I learned that I was confused about some details of the Thesaurus. Live and Learn right?

Part IV

I’m working on that right now. I hope I can get it done in the next 3 days before work starts back up. So back to work…

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