5200 Information Organization Project

Here is my final project for INFO 5200 Information Organization. I am posting this for the purpose of helping others understand these concepts, not for people to copy. Professor Enoch and the other professors stressed that they diligently check for plagiarism. In other classes, I sometimes search for what others have written to help me understand, but for this class, I was too terrified to look at what others had written for fear of subliminally being too similar to others.

This has been the most difficult class to date. For some reason, the concepts were difficult for me to grasp at the depth at which was needed. It took a lot of studying but I finally understood and made a good grade on this.



In a week I start the Collection Development and Youth Literature classes. I have heard Youth Lit class is a ton of reading. That is to be expected. I was worried about keeping up with teaching full time plus reading all those books. However, I was able to glimpse someone’s list from a few semesters ago. I might have a hard time finding a middle-grade novel that I have NOT yet read. LOL!

On a professional note: I was asked to mentor our new librarian at my school. She is an experienced librarian, but new to our school and to PISD. She comes from Oklahoma. It is so strange to mentor someone a bit older and more experienced, but I am probably the most familiar with how our library works since I worked so closely with Molly last year. Molly is an amazing librarian, which is why they wanted her at the high school library. Karen Harmon is great too and has different ideas. I look forward to learning new things from her. For example, she is going to do a book tasting in 2 weeks with our kids.

It’s going to be a great school year!

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