Picture Book Annotations and MicroReview

Here are the Picture Book annotations:

Waiting is Not Easy

Willems, Mo. Waiting is not easy. 2014. Hyperion Books for Children. 57pp. $9.99 ISBN: 978-142319957-1

waiting is not easy

Piggie has a surprise for Gerald, the elephant, but they must wait a very long time, all the way until nightfall, and Gerold finds waiting extremely difficult.  

My son always loves Elephant and Piggie books. This one, in particular, describes my son quite well.

The Book with No Pictures

Novak, B.J. The Book with No Pictures. 2014. Penguin Group. 44pp. $17.99 ISBN: 978-8037-4171-3

the book with no pictures

The rule of this book is that the reader must read this book with no pictures and say every word within, no matter how silly or nonsensical–words like Badooongy face–and even sing a silly song.

Such silliness!

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Beaty, Andrea. Rosie Revere, Engineer. 2013. Abrams Books for Young Readers. 32pp. $16.95. ISBN: 978-1-4197-0845-9

Rosie Revere

Rosie Revere, who attends Blue River Creek School, wants to become an engineer because she loves to build, invent, and create. Her favorite uncle, Fred, laughed at her invention once, so she hides her ideas from everyone until Aunt Rose, sees her most recent failure and something changes.

This was a sweet story!


How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night

Yolen, Jane, Teague, Mark. How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? 2000. Blue Sky Press. 30pp. $8.02 ISBN: 0-590-31682-6

how do dinosaurs say good night

Through a series of questions, various dinosaurs model undesirable behaviors when their mom and dad ask them to get ready for bed, compared to desired bedtime behaviors.

Goodnight Moon

Brown, Margaret Wise. Goodnight Moon. 1947. Harper Collins Publisher. 28pp. $6.19 ISBN: 978-0-69400361-7

goodnight moon

It is bedtime in the great green room and a young bunny says goodnight to all his or her favorite objects before he or she can go to sleep and all the while an old woman in a rocker is whispering “hush.”

This is a story I adore. Why? I don’t know, but it is soothing to me.

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

Litwin, Eric. Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. 2012. Scholastic. 32 pp. $11.83 ISBN 978-0007553679

Pete the cat

Pete the cat has four groovy buttons on his shirt, but they keep popping off, one by one. This problem does not get him down though; he adjusts and keeps on singing.

My son loves this book, to the point where I pretty much have every word memorized. (It takes an awful lot of repetition for me to memorize anything!)


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