Last Kids on Earth Book Trailer

This was a project for INFO 5420 Youth Literature. I had to read some award winning books for this class. (oh tragedy. LOL!) One of my students recommended this one to me. I’m glad I listened to her. Thanks Kate K!

I read it and thought, “Zombie Apocalypse… my son loves zombies.” I started reading it to him. He loves it! Now, we are on book 2 of this series. At BN the other day, he begged me for book 3 and 4 for Christmas. Shhh. They just came in the mail yesterday. 

I hope you enjoyed the trailer for this delightful, funny book!

This trailer was made using Adobe Spark. Unfortunately my 4 year old laptop computer (which I bought for mere word processing)  was not up to the task of all the visual features Spark uses. The program kept getting an error everytime I tried to play the video. So this project that should have taken me a few hours, actually took me all. day. long. 

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