9 Elements of Digital Citizenship


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I am taking DigCit this semester. I hope to add many more resources, lessons, and discussions this semester. I’ve heard about the 9 elements before now because I’m on the digital citizenship committee at work. We’ve spent the last 2 years working on a DigCit curriculum to teach our middle school students. I’m glad I stumbled upon this infographic because it made me realize that each one of these squares could each be a lesson topic.

My textbook should arrive today. I’m more excited about this class than any others except for maybe the Youth Literature class I took last semester.

I perused to see what else was out there and found a few other websites that grabbed my attention. Here is a game for younger kids that teaches Digital Citizenship.


http://digcitinstitute.com/digcitkids/ This blog post gives instruction on how to teach kids about fake news.

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