Elementary School

I went to Barron Elementary today to earn some more mentor hours. I really enjoyed my time there. It was hard work but very helpful.

learning to cover a book

I really liked working with the librarian here, Ellen Peralta. She has a teacher-ness about her. You can really tell she loves teaching. She made me feel relaxed. I was nervous about covering the book with a Mylar cover. She showed me how on another book then let me do this one. She let me know that if it wasn’t perfect it was perfectly okay, and I relaxed. It actually turned out fine.

Next she asked me to condense and shift the 800s and 900s to make room for her expanding 700s section.

This is how it looked before (900s)
We took all these poetry books and moved them over to another section (old 800s section)
After– Now 800s and 900s

That was a lot of dusty work, but it was a good workout! It was satisfying to see what was accomplished.

After that she showed me how to pull up the report for weeding, export it into excel, and sort through the columns to narrow the list. Some books were checked out over 100 times and needed to be examined for damage and possible replacement. Other books had never been checked out in the last 8- 10 years. I printed the list and went to work pulling the books.

Some books definitely needed to go. Some books certainly needed replacing, like the Draw 50 Series. Kids appear to love those to death! Other books were pristine and I could detect no reason they had not been checked out. Those hurt. She might put those on display next year to give them one more chance. The vast majority of the books we needed to weed were books that I had no problem sending them off.

Finally, Ellen showed me how to check in an order from Ingram and showed me how to withdraw books that were weeded by her previously.

This day was packed with learning! I loved it! Ellen was great and offered to help me anytime I needed it regardless of where I will eventually land.


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