School Library Design Assignment Discussion

For INFO 5340

What is the library mission statement? The mission of Plano ISD Learning Media Services is to ensure that literacy remains a vital part of every student’s continuous learning experience.

Which of the 6 active learning spaces does the library have?

Large group area for presentations/ Community Area (we will have an author visit next year which will be held in the Cafeteria because there is a stage with sound and etc.

Technology area of 10 computers (desktop)

Quiet areas- at the end of many rows of books we have a single seat for students to sit and read a book.

Makerspaces- Not a designated area really. We have 1 week per 9 weeks in which Makerspaces take over the whole library. (keeps it fresh and exciting)

Small group areas- we have 20 square tables that can be moved around into groups for projects and discussion.

What design suggestions from the article are incorporated into the library? I found the article called “Practical user experience design for school libraries: 5 tips for improving day-to-day life for your users…and you!” (EESH, Long title!) It focuses on a UX design approach which is a design based upon how the user feels during each action in the library. The 5 tips are:

  • Listen to yourself- make things easier on yourself
  • Listen to your users- make things easier on your patron
  • Be explicit (clear)
  • Avoid being overly explicit (verbose)
  • Start your perpetual Beta now.– Launch ideas early and develop them as you go.

Today I helped my school librarian shift the ENTIRE Non-fiction section, in order to make more room for the ever-growing graphic novel section! She took my suggestion to label certain popular topics. We didn’t wait, we rolled it out right away and we’ll perfect it as we go, just like tip #5 suggests. This will make it easier for students who enjoy perusing for a book rather than looking it up on the computer. (tip # 2)

How does the design of the library support its mission statement? The conversation areas welcome students to sit and discuss books. The whole library is open and organized making patrons feel comfortable to sit and read. Technology in the library assures that the library is a relevant place to explore ideas.

Based on your observations, the suggestions made in the article, and the existence of the recommended 6 active learning spaces, provide and explain at least 2 improvements that can be made to help the library fulfill its mission statement.  

I would love to see the other conversation area be in a more cozy setting. Right now, it is out in the open. Second, quite often the students stand in line to use the one computer set up for searching the catalog. I would like to see a second computer set up for this purpose at all times to make it easier for the users and make it a better experience. Also, I like the sign in the article saying to find the librarian to ask for help. The user is priority #1. I’d like to add signage to that effect.

Take a picture of a positive aspect of library design in the library and attach it to your post. What positive aspect of the library’s design does your picture depict? This is one of two conversation areas. This is a favorite spot for our students due to the soft chairs and the proximity to the magazines.

What UNT database was the article that you read found in?

Education Database

What is the APA reference for the article?

Sannwald, S. (2017). Practical user experience design for school libraries: 5 tips for improving day-to-day life for your users…and you! Knowledge Quest, 45(5), 38-47.

Our library actually has a lot of lovely aspects


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