Hello and welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Mary Herrera. Thanks to my fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Madigan, I developed a passion for reading. My seventh-grade teacher, Mrs. Williams, encouraged me to write creatively. One of my goals in life is to inspire the next generation of readers and writers.

It has been my joy to work in education for fifteen years. I’ve been a sixth grade English and ESL teacher for the last ten years. I have always secretly dreamed of becoming a librarian. After many years of harboring this dream, I’m working towards making that dream a reality. I earned my Masters in Library Sciences from the University of North Texas and graduated Aug 2019.

In this portfolio, you will find blog posts that journal what I am learning, information about the AASL Standards, and many other resources. #semperindoctrina

About the Artwork on the Header Image

Artwork by Isabelle Gedigk

I found Isabelle Gedigk on Etsy and fell in love with her artwork. She had this dragon image print online. I asked her if she had a digital version that I could use for this blog. She sent me an image and very graciously allowed me to use it! She is terrific! So if you like the image and want to see more she can be found on Instagram at @Isasketchbook and on Tumbler here.

Note about Kathryn Fletcher:

You might see a post here and there made by Kathryn Fletcher. She is me. I have a blog called QuillAndBooks.com in which I write under the pen name Kathryn Fletcher. My first book is coming out May 2020!


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