Exam Follow Up

I survived! I took my first cataloging exam and survived! I can't tell you how very nervous I was about that. There were so many mistakes I could have made. Thankfully I only made one mistake. I forgot a space before a punctuation mark. So I earned a 99/100. One of the things that has … Continue reading Exam Follow Up


Final Sprint

This week during our weekly webinar we talked about several excellent websites. I was so excited to hear this story! It is this Saturday in Dallas. Unfortunately I will be out of town on Saturday, otherwise, I'd go. I am definitely going to see about getting some of the books for my classroom … Continue reading Final Sprint

Theme of the Week: Research

Everything this week is centered around either teaching research or doing research. I'm exited that I was able to do a project that I can use for the Historical Fiction Unit this year. Here is a google search for my Fever 1793 group. I haven't decided if I want to create a custom search for … Continue reading Theme of the Week: Research