Aimlessly Wandering

I haven't written a blog post in awhile...on either blog. I've pretty much decided to set my other blog aside until after I'm done with grad school. Maybe this summer I will be able to squeeze in a post or two. At night I still browse Pinterest before I go to sleep. Tonight I stumbled … Continue reading Aimlessly Wandering


Skills of the Future

This info graphic grabbed my attention. I had several thoughts on this one. 1- Project Manager is not what I normally think of when I think of Librarianship, but now that I'm studying LIS it makes perfect sense. Librarians know how to get, organize and deliver information. Project managers do the same. 2- Information Culture … Continue reading Skills of the Future

Industry Outlook on LIS

I keep reading and hearing that libraries¬†offer so many services that the general population doesn't know about, like ebooks mentioned in this infographic. We have to find a way to get the information out there. Corporations do it through advertising. I have a category on Evernote called "When I have a Library" in which I … Continue reading Industry Outlook on LIS


INFO 5000 and 5600

I have been bad about keeping up with both of my blogs, personal book site, and this one. I've begun taking INFO 500 and INFO 5600 this semester and I vow to do better this semester. I was reading module 1 of my 5000 class and found this gem. 5000 is the Intro to Library … Continue reading INFO 5000 and 5600


Cataloging Class

Cataloging class has certainly been an experience! Now that I'm almost done, I can talk about it. There were dark days and bright days this semester. I had Professor Kathy Royall for the class. She has been super! She is so personable I had to stop myself from calling her by her first name.   … Continue reading Cataloging Class


SEL- Social Emotional Learning

This week I have been feeling the stress! My research paper was due for the cataloging class. I had 2 discussion questions to respond to. ¬†I took a quiz. And now I have a portfolio due on Wednesday. I've attended a million meetings at work. I've been trying to get 3 different assignments graded. I've … Continue reading SEL- Social Emotional Learning


Texas Library Association Research Paper is Turned in!

I have been busy during the month of October with tons of research! Here are the fruits of my labor! I am learning a lot about reference pages and in-line citations.


Texas Library Association Timeline

October has been terrifically busy! I have been immersed in working on researching Texas Library Association. Research in 2017 is so very different than it was in 1995! I'm learning how to manage my digital research notes. There has been a learning curve. Next time I do research I simply must remember to organize my … Continue reading Texas Library Association Timeline


Exam Follow Up

I survived! I took my first cataloging exam and survived! I can't tell you how very nervous I was about that. There were so many mistakes I could have made. Thankfully I only made one mistake. I forgot a space before a punctuation mark. So I earned a 99/100. One of the things that has … Continue reading Exam Follow Up


Cataloging Exam!

9/23 I have spent most of the day procrastinating. I have been taking quizzes for my cataloging class every week for the last 3 weeks. Luckily, for those, I can retake it until I get a perfect score. That is not the case for the exam. For each quiz, I've missed a couple little details … Continue reading Cataloging Exam!