I'm on Draft 2 of my IOP, specifically 2.2, and I found this page very useful as I tried to understand FRBR.  And this was helpful for section 2.1 For section 2.2 FRBR look at this here I'm still fumbling around. So far I have not found the readings on Blackboard (Learn) or the … Continue reading FRBR


5200 Institute

I’m at the UNT Info5200 Institute today. All day. I can’t wait to dig in and start understanding what this class is all about. So far I know we are going to put together and design a small database. This will help us be better at thinking critically about and analyze databases. We will be … Continue reading 5200 Institute

Why do Librarians Need a Masters Degree?

Librarians have been expertly trained to help people. We spend 2+ years on our Master degree, learning how to find the most useful information for our users. We learn to evaluate resources. We learn to become expert researchers and writers. We learn copyright laws. We learn how to organize information. Do you know all the tag … Continue reading Why do Librarians Need a Masters Degree?

Career Development Project

This is the Career Development project I did for INFO 5000. Also, I did hear back from the Public Library Marketing Director after I wrote the paper. These were her responses:   Public Library Who are your stakeholders? Who is your target audience? We engage with city residents of all ages with the goal of … Continue reading Career Development Project

What will the Future of Librarianship Look Like?

This was the topic I chose for my final paper for INFO5000. I chose this because I was curious about the future of the field which I hope to enter. So many people have said that librarianship and libraries are becoming obsolete. I don't believe that at all though. What I found through this research is … Continue reading What will the Future of Librarianship Look Like?

Shelving and Shushing

People often have a very clear image of librarians in their minds, even if it is a little ( or a lot) cardboard cutout-ish. Well, actually they have two. Stereotype #1 Old, as in grey hair. Mousey. Loves sweaters. Glasses, often cat-eyed. Wrinkled. Cranky. Super sensitive to the slightest noise. Shushing. And endlessly shelving books. Am … Continue reading Shelving and Shushing