I am Published!

One of my life goals, bucket list items has been accomplished! I am a published, PAID author!! Someone paid me for a short story I wrote! It is, of course, a fantasy story. It is about a boy with Autism. Thing is though, having Autism doesn't mean what you think it means. You don't know the half of it! Read the story to find out.


Basics of Digital Citizenship

Choose one of the eleven principles listed in our textbook and expound on: what you think the principle means in your own words how a school or library could address this principle potential sensitive areas within this principle (potential to step on the toes of parents, religious leaders, or other people in the student or patron's life who might otherwise provide character education in this area)

My How Times have Changed

This article got me thinking: Look at this graph. I graduated from high school in 1995 and only 14% of the population used the internet at the time. Now I get a report telling me how many hours a day I spend on the phone internet. Because I'm nostalgic, I am wondering if one … Continue reading My How Times have Changed

A Day in the Life of a High School Librarian

I took a personal day today in order to shadow my mentor in her high school library. I've always worked in a middle school library so I was really interested to see the differences between middle school and high school libraries. The morning was busy with students coming to buy scantrons, printing and paying for … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a High School Librarian

11 Principles of Character

For this week's discussion post we are assigned to choose one to discuss in depth. I am choosing the first principle because it seems logical to start my in depth understanding at the beginning. Principle 1: Core values are defined, implemented, and embedded into school culture.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Anyone who uses technology is a digital citizen. Digital Citizenship is how we participate in that digital world. There are nine elements to digital citizenship: access, commerce, communication, literacy, etiquette, law, rights & responsibilities, health & wellness, and security. (Ribble, 2011).