Shifting Non-Fiction!

WOW! Today Karen Harmon and I shifted the ENTIRE non-fiction section. That is about 20,000 books that we moved about 1 row over. We did that to make room for the ever growing graphic novel section. Yeah for graphic novels! It also gave us the opportunity for reorganizing some of the shelves. Some of them were split in strange places. I also suggested that for shelves that held high interest topic, we add labels for easy perusing.


I am Published!

One of my life goals, bucket list items has been accomplished! I am a published, PAID author!! Someone paid me for a short story I wrote! It is, of course, a fantasy story. It is about a boy with Autism. Thing is though, having Autism doesn't mean what you think it means. You don't know the half of it! Read the story to find out.

Who are librarians really?

Librarians are as unique as all other people. The career attracts a certain type of person perhaps but not all will fit the same mold. Generally speaking, librarians are people who: love helping people. We get extreme satisfaction from seeing a light go on in a person's face when we help them find a good book to a good mystery. What I mean by that is … Continue reading Who are librarians really?

Kathryn Janeway Painting

When I am not reading, writing, teaching, studying, taking care of my son and husband, I sometimes like to paint. I'm still very amateurish but this one is significantly better than my last attempt at painting a person. I loved watching the Voyager stories all through high school. I particularly like the Janeway character. Last … Continue reading Kathryn Janeway Painting