Interview: Professional Goals

Promote Literacy I can promote literacy through book talks, book displays, and book fairs. I would like to create student driven book clubs. I would like to write a grant each year to build a book club collection. Students can help me choose books for this book club collection. Students will meet periodically in small groups to discuss the books they read. I would like to have authors visit the school. Collaboration


Summer School Library Time!

Yesterday and Today I had the privilege of working at the Plano West Senior High Library again. These were summer school classes which is interesting to see at the high school level. One of the highlights was speaking to a former student at my school.

Student Achievement Plan Assignment

The Google Doc for this assignment is here: The website I created as a teacher resource is here: Here is the narrative portion of this assignment. For the remainder of the tables and such please open the Google Doc linked above. Narrative: This Middle School earned 5 Distinction Designations for 2018-2019. (Reading, Science, … Continue reading Student Achievement Plan Assignment

Youth Literature: Realistic Fiction

Module 4 Realistic Fiction Draper, Sharon. Out of my Mind. 2012. Atheneum for Young Readers. 320pp. $7.99 ISBN 978-1416971719 Melody is brilliant but only her parents believe this because she has Cerebral Palsy and has no way to show everyone her intelligence. She is determined to show the world that she is more than the … Continue reading Youth Literature: Realistic Fiction

Youth Literature: Picture Books

Module 3 Picture Books Willems, Mo. Waiting is not easy. 2014. Hyperion Books for Children. 57pp. $9.99 ISBN: 978-1423199571 Piggie has a surprise for Gerald, the elephant, but they must wait a very long time, all day long, and Gerald finds waiting extremely difficult. He wonders what it could possibly be. Piggie says it is … Continue reading Youth Literature: Picture Books

Youth Literature: Informational & Biography

Module 2 Informational & Biography Saujani, Reshma. Girls Who Coded: Learn to Code and Change the World. 2017. Viking Books for Young Readers. 176 pp. $14.39. ISBN: 978-0425287538 This book teaches and illustrates how computers work, how coding is done for video games, robots, and websites. It describes the coding process from brainstorming, storyboarding, writing … Continue reading Youth Literature: Informational & Biography