INFO 5000 and 5600

I have been bad about keeping up with both of my blogs, personal book site, and this one. I've begun taking INFO 500 and INFO 5600 this semester and I vow to do better this semester. I was reading module 1 of my 5000 class and found this gem. 5000 is the Intro to Library … Continue reading INFO 5000 and 5600


Cataloging Class

Cataloging class has certainly been an experience! Now that I'm almost done, I can talk about it. There were dark days and bright days this semester. I had Professor Kathy Royall for the class. She has been super! She is so personable I had to stop myself from calling her by her first name. … Continue reading Cataloging Class

Exam Follow Up I survived! I took my first cataloging exam and survived! I can't tell you how very nervous I was about that. There were so many mistakes I could have made. Thankfully I only made one mistake. I forgot a space before a punctuation mark. So I earned a 99/100. One of the things that … Continue reading Exam Follow Up