Interview: Professional Goals

Promote Literacy I can promote literacy through book talks, book displays, and book fairs. I would like to create student driven book clubs. I would like to write a grant each year to build a book club collection. Students can help me choose books for this book club collection. Students will meet periodically in small groups to discuss the books they read. I would like to have authors visit the school. Collaboration


11 Principles of Character

For this week's discussion post we are assigned to choose one to discuss in depth. I am choosing the first principle because it seems logical to start my in depth understanding at the beginning. Principle 1: Core values are defined, implemented, and embedded into school culture.

Strong Libraries Increase Student Success

Strong libraries improve student achievement. I've curated a few articles on the topic. Would you like to read some impact studies on the topic? Are you more of an infographic type of person?

Who are librarians really?

Librarians are as unique as all other people. The career attracts a certain type of person perhaps but not all will fit the same mold. Generally speaking, librarians are people who: love helping people. We get extreme satisfaction from seeing a light go on in a person's face when we help them find a good book to a good mystery. What I mean by that is … Continue reading Who are librarians really?

Why do Librarians Need a Masters Degree?

Librarians have been expertly trained to help people. We spend 2+ years on our Master degree, learning how to find the most useful information for our users. We learn to evaluate resources. We learn to become expert researchers and writers. We learn copyright laws. We learn how to organize information. Do you know all the tag … Continue reading Why do Librarians Need a Masters Degree?

What will the Future of Librarianship Look Like?

This was the topic I chose for my final paper for INFO5000. I chose this because I was curious about the future of the field which I hope to enter. So many people have said that librarianship and libraries are becoming obsolete. I don't believe that at all though. What I found through this research is … Continue reading What will the Future of Librarianship Look Like?