Musings on School Library Design

Library: Otto Middle School Population: 1200 students Library design seems like it would be a fun thing to do given enough time and money. We read an article in which a librarian is working on a library redesign (Foote, 2019). To gather data and ideas, her Library Advisory Committee visited other libraries with a rubric … Continue reading Musings on School Library Design


Curation Tools for Teachers

What is Curation? I read in an article here and it mentioned curation vs. just dumping. That really struck me. Curation implies careful thought. What tools are good for curating, not just dumping? It is not just thought, but connections (Valenza, 2017). When you curate information you analyze the information, synthesize and categorize it. "When … Continue reading Curation Tools for Teachers

Shifting Non-Fiction!

WOW! Today Karen Harmon and I shifted the ENTIRE non-fiction section. That is about 20,000 books that we moved about 1 row over. We did that to make room for the ever growing graphic novel section. Yeah for graphic novels! It also gave us the opportunity for reorganizing some of the shelves. Some of them were split in strange places. I also suggested that for shelves that held high interest topic, we add labels for easy perusing.

School Library Design Assignment Discussion

Which of the 6 active learning spaces does the library have? Large group area for presentations/ Community Area (we will have an author visit next year which will be held in the Cafeteria because there is a stage with sound and etc. Technology area of 10 computers (desktop) Quiet areas- at the end of many rows of books we have a single seat for students to sit and read a book. Makerspaces- Not a designated area really. We have 1 week per 9 weeks in which Makerspaces take over the whole library. (keeps it fresh and exciting) Small group areas- we have 20 square tables that can be moved around into groups for projects and discussion.

Summer School Library Time!

Yesterday and Today I had the privilege of working at the Plano West Senior High Library again. These were summer school classes which is interesting to see at the high school level. One of the highlights was speaking to a former student at my school.

Elementary School

I went to Barron Elementary today to earn some more mentor hours. I really enjoyed my time there. It was hard work but very helpful. I really liked working with the librarian here, Ellen Peralta. She has a teacher-ness about her. You can really tell she loves teaching. She made me feel relaxed. I was nervous about covering the book with a Mylar cover.

A Day in the Life of a High School Librarian

I took a personal day today in order to shadow my mentor in her high school library. I've always worked in a middle school library so I was really interested to see the differences between middle school and high school libraries. The morning was busy with students coming to buy scantrons, printing and paying for … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a High School Librarian

5200 Class Big Picture Overview

I am taking 5200 by itself this summer because people warned me it was intense. They were right. This is definitely a class to take by itself, even during the summer. During the year classes are spread out over 4 months but in the summer it gets crammed into 2 months. What that means is … Continue reading 5200 Class Big Picture Overview

FRBR Revisited

I have the 5200 IOP Draft 2 back and it's graded now. I did pretty okay, 96%. There were a few comments on it so I had some more research to do. Surprise, I didn't explain FRBR's importance. Slowly, I'm remembering what I've learned before in my other classes and I found some more resources... … Continue reading FRBR Revisited