Curation Tools for Teachers

What is Curation? I read in an article here and it mentioned curation vs. just dumping. That really struck me. Curation implies careful thought. What tools are good for curating, not just dumping? It is not just thought, but connections (Valenza, 2017). When you curate information you analyze the information, synthesize and categorize it. "When … Continue reading Curation Tools for Teachers


Reflections on Research in Academic Journals

What is the process for selecting and publishing manuscripts for each journal? School Library Research: The editorial board members (15 members) review the articles and consult on the policies and guidelines for the review process. One of these members is UNT’s very own Dr. Smith! Evidence Based Library and Information Practice: This journal is an open access, peer-reviewed journal. The purpose of this journal is for an open discussion, so members can sign in and comment on the articles within. They publish original research and literature reviews. EBLIP has 8 board members, 5 editorial advisors, a communications officer, an indexing support person, 11 copyeditors, an evidence summary team, writing assistance team, and dozens of peer reviewers. This journal appears much larger. This journal editorial team includes people not just in the US but from around the world, including Canada, Czech Republic, and the UK.

I am Published!

One of my life goals, bucket list items has been accomplished! I am a published, PAID author!! Someone paid me for a short story I wrote! It is, of course, a fantasy story. It is about a boy with Autism. Thing is though, having Autism doesn't mean what you think it means. You don't know the half of it! Read the story to find out.

My How Times have Changed

This article got me thinking: Look at this graph. I graduated from high school in 1995 and only 14% of the population used the internet at the time. Now I get a report telling me how many hours a day I spend on the phone internet. Because I'm nostalgic, I am wondering if one … Continue reading My How Times have Changed

Strong Libraries Increase Student Success

Strong libraries improve student achievement. I've curated a few articles on the topic. Would you like to read some impact studies on the topic? Are you more of an infographic type of person?

5200 Class Big Picture Overview

I am taking 5200 by itself this summer because people warned me it was intense. They were right. This is definitely a class to take by itself, even during the summer. During the year classes are spread out over 4 months but in the summer it gets crammed into 2 months. What that means is … Continue reading 5200 Class Big Picture Overview

FRBR Revisited

I have the 5200 IOP Draft 2 back and it's graded now. I did pretty okay, 96%. There were a few comments on it so I had some more research to do. Surprise, I didn't explain FRBR's importance. Slowly, I'm remembering what I've learned before in my other classes and I found some more resources... … Continue reading FRBR Revisited


I'm on Draft 2 of my IOP, specifically 2.2, and I found this page very useful as I tried to understand FRBR. And this was helpful for section 2.1 For section 2.2 FRBR look at this here I'm still fumbling around. So far I have not found the readings on Blackboard (Learn) or the … Continue reading FRBR