I fell in love with stories in fifth grade at the feet of Mrs. Madigan who read a wide variety of stories to us–stories in which the underdog wins, the dog dies, the toy comes to life, the girl rides unicorns, silly stories, and stories that taught me lessons about life. I went from being a student who ran from books like a scared rabbit, to a kid who ran into poles because my nose was buried in my book. My life is richer because of these stories. I want to share that love of stories with students to make their lives richer.

This is my tenth year teaching English, in some form or another. I enjoy sharing my passion for stories with my students. I love to develop and nurture that love of reading in them. I have a particular affinity for students who struggle with reading. Often they don’t like to read because it is hard for them, thus not enjoyable. I have learned from my childhood experience and from my experience teaching, if you can get the right story in front of that child, they become much more motivated to read.

Before starting this MLIS program I would sometimes feel guilty for thinking that students should have access to more information than they do. This happened most frequently when we ran into technological roadblocks while trying to do research. I would think that the district has to block sites to protect the children. They are doing what they think is best. But I would still resent it. Turns out, I am really a librarian at the core of my being with a passion for intellectual freedom. I suspect my mother, who let me explore the library with unbridled enthusiasm as a child, would have made an excellent librarian too.

My goal is to be a school librarian, influencing and helping thousands of students, sparking interest in stories, lighting their imagination afire, guiding students in digital citizenship, in research, in the ethics of writing, in collaborating, in thinking critically, and to be a resource for and a collaborator with the teachers of my school.