Personal Learning Resources

I have found some amazing resources as I have gone through my first semester of learning at UNT. Here are a few of my favorite resources:

Again and again I have stumbled across this librarian during my internet travels. I admire her professionally, and she has pretty cool hair too! The Daring Librarian.

There are a few other bloggers on this list that I want to follow and learn from over time.

Of course my most valuable resources so far have been the ALA Website and the AASL Website.

Resources for LRO Cataloging class

Supplemental APA resources include:
• Citation Builder:
• CrosRef:

RDA Toolkit

Dewey Decimal Classification system via WebDewey:

MARC Resources:

• LC (Understanding MARC Bibliographic) :
• LC (MARC 21 Concise) :
• Follett :
• OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards —

LC Name & Subject Authorities:
• LC :

Cutter/Sanborn Tables:
SEARS List of Subject Headings: