ALA Collection Development Resources Page

Example policies:

A workbook for Selection Policy Writing This page explains WHY each library needs a policy, in addition to information that is pertinent to building a policy.

American Library Association Strategic Directions



The Collection Program in Schools has a Collection Development Policy Analysis Evaluation Guide (Mardis, 2016, p. 56)

Criterion 1 Introduction, Goals, and Philosophy

Workbook for Selection Policy Writing This covers why a policy is needed, basic components of a selection policy and information about each of the following criterion.

Library Bill of Rights according to ALA

Freedom to Read  Statement by NCTE

Freedom to View Statement by ALA and Statement by the American Film and Video Association.

Criterion 2 Responsibility for Selection

ALA ToolKit 

Plano Board Policy online

Criterion 3 General and Specific Criteria

Selection criteria should consider these items:

*Authority– What is the credibility of the source?
*Appropriateness– is it age and level appropriate for the intended user?
*Scope– What is the purpose and depth of coverage of the material?
*Authenticity– Are facts distinguished from opinion? Are the facts given accurate and up to date?
*Treatment- Is the presentation free of bias?  Does the material reflect our multicultural society? Are the illustrations helpful and necessary to present this material?
* Arrangement and Organization-Is the information presented in a clear, logical manner?
*Instructional Design– Does the material encourage problem solving and creativity? Does it promote the understanding of ideas? Do the users have the necessary capabilities?
*Special Features- Are there unique features that are absent from other resources on the same topic?
*Materials Available on the Subject– Is the topic a newly discovered one? Does it help cover a topic within the curriculum that is not already covered by your collection?

Other Practical considerations- Physical form? Technical Quality? Aesthetic Quality? Durability? Safety and health considerations? Cost?
(Mardis, 2016, p.75-80)

Criterion 4 Position on Intellectual Freedom

AASL Beliefs
ALA Intellectual Freedom Resources

Criterion 5 Special Areas

Criterion 6 Reconsideration of Materials

For Weeding CREW Method (a 150-page document explaining this)

For Challenge information 

Criterion 7 Selection Procedures

Criterion 8 Other

Criterion 9 Recommendations

Here is a link to a Collection Development Analysis Project I did in September 2018.



Book Awards

Here is a list of Multicultural Awards.
TLA Awards This page includes the Lone Star Awards, Bluebonnet Awards, Topaz Award and several more. I must confess that Lone Star Award lists are my favorite!