Terminology: Publishing

These bits of information comes from notes in INFO 5405 and some from my own knowledge.  Types of Publishers Trade – Publish original books for a general readership. You typically find books from trade publishers in bookstores and libraries. Generally higher quality printing and binding than mass market or book club edition publishers. Most school library … Continue reading Terminology: Publishing


Fire and Heist Book Review

Sky Hawkins is a teenage girl whose mom has just disappeared, her long-time boyfriend just broke up with her in a very public manner, and her family has been disgraced. Sky, her three brothers, and her father are still in shock from these events. They are trying to move on and accept their new life minus their mom, position in the were-dragons society, and half their fortune is gone.  Nothing is the same as it was before. She is desperate to literally and figuratively put her family back together. Since money, specifically, gold is so very important to were-dragons, Sky plans her first heist

Library Orientation Mystery- The Hunt for the Seventh

My plan for my library is to have a Hunt for the Seventh themed orientation (Morton-Shaw). This book is a delightful ghost story with a bit of mystery and suspense--a trifecta!

Who are librarians really?

Librarians are as unique as all other people. The career attracts a certain type of person perhaps but not all will fit the same mold. Generally speaking, librarians are people who: love helping people. We get extreme satisfaction from seeing a light go on in a person's face when we help them find a good book to read.love a good mystery. What I mean by that is … Continue reading Who are librarians really?