Youth Literature: Picture Books

Module 3 Picture Books Willems, Mo. Waiting is not easy. 2014. Hyperion Books for Children. 57pp. $9.99 ISBN: 978-1423199571 Piggie has a surprise for Gerald, the elephant, but they must wait a very long time, all day long, and Gerald finds waiting extremely difficult. He wonders what it could possibly be. Piggie says it is … Continue reading Youth Literature: Picture Books


Youth Literature: Informational & Biography

Module 2 Informational & Biography Saujani, Reshma. Girls Who Coded: Learn to Code and Change the World. 2017. Viking Books for Young Readers. 176 pp. $14.39. ISBN: 978-0425287538 This book teaches and illustrates how computers work, how coding is done for video games, robots, and websites. It describes the coding process from brainstorming, storyboarding, writing … Continue reading Youth Literature: Informational & Biography