Library Orientation Mystery- The Hunt for the Seventh

My plan for my library is to have a Hunt for the Seventh themed orientation (Morton-Shaw). This book is a delightful ghost story with a bit of mystery and suspense--a trifecta!

Collection Development Analysis

The assignment was to get our hands on a collection development policy and analyze it compared to ALA's recommendations. I found one for the¬†School Who Shall Not Be Named Independent School District (SWSNBN ISD).¬† Overall I had mostly good things to say about SWSNBN ISD, but since they were kind enough to let me use … Continue reading Collection Development Analysis


5200 Information Organization Project

Here is my final project for INFO 5200 Information Organization. I am posting this for the purpose of helping others understand these concepts, not for people to copy. Professor Enoch and the other professors stressed that they diligently check for plagiarism. In other classes, I sometimes search for what others have written to help me … Continue reading 5200 Information Organization Project