Collection Development Analysis

The assignment was to get our hands on a collection development policy and analyze it compared to ALA's recommendations. I found one for the School Who Shall Not Be Named Independent School District (SWSNBN ISD).  Overall I had mostly good things to say about SWSNBN ISD, but since they were kind enough to let me use … Continue reading Collection Development Analysis


5200 Information Organization Project

Here is my final project for INFO 5200 Information Organization. I am posting this for the purpose of helping others understand these concepts, not for people to copy. Professor Enoch and the other professors stressed that they diligently check for plagiarism. In other classes, I sometimes search for what others have written to help me … Continue reading 5200 Information Organization Project

Who are librarians really?

Librarians are as unique as all other people. The career attracts a certain type of person perhaps but not all will fit the same mold. Generally speaking, librarians are people who: love helping people. We get extreme satisfaction from seeing a light go on in a person's face when we help them find a good book to a good mystery. What I mean by that is … Continue reading Who are librarians really?

Why do Librarians Need a Masters Degree?

Librarians have been expertly trained to help people. We spend 2+ years on our Master degree, learning how to find the most useful information for our users. We learn to evaluate resources. We learn to become expert researchers and writers. We learn copyright laws. We learn how to organize information. Do you know all the tag … Continue reading Why do Librarians Need a Masters Degree?

Career Development Project

This is the Career Development project I did for INFO 5000. Also, I did hear back from the Public Library Marketing Director after I wrote the paper. These were her responses: Public LibraryWho are your stakeholders? Who is your target audience?We engage with city residents of all ages with the goal of sharing lifelong learning … Continue reading Career Development Project

Shelving and Shushing

People often have a very clear image of librarians in their minds, even if it is a little ( or a lot) cardboard cutout-ish. Well, actually they have two. Stereotype #1 Old, as in grey hair. Mousey. Loves sweaters. Glasses, often cat-eyed. Wrinkled. Cranky. Super sensitive to the slightest noise. Shushing. And endlessly shelving books. Am … Continue reading Shelving and Shushing

Target Audience

I am at my core an educator. I always have been and always will be an educator. My first job, at age 13, was as a swimming instructor. During my undergrad, I was a TA. I wandered away from educating for a few years but was again drawn to teaching. It is my calling. Though … Continue reading Target Audience

SEL- Social Emotional Learning

This week I have been feeling the stress! My research paper was due for the cataloging class. I had 2 discussion questions to respond to.  I took a quiz. And now I have a portfolio due on Wednesday. I've attended a million meetings at work. I've been trying to get 3 different assignments graded. I've … Continue reading SEL- Social Emotional Learning