Musings on School Library Design

Library: Otto Middle School Population: 1200 students Library design seems like it would be a fun thing to do given enough time and money. We read an article in which a librarian is working on a library redesign (Foote, 2019). To gather data and ideas, her Library Advisory Committee visited other libraries with a rubric … Continue reading Musings on School Library Design


School Library Design Assignment Discussion

Which of the 6 active learning spaces does the library have? Large group area for presentations/ Community Area (we will have an author visit next year which will be held in the Cafeteria because there is a stage with sound and etc. Technology area of 10 computers (desktop) Quiet areas- at the end of many rows of books we have a single seat for students to sit and read a book. Makerspaces- Not a designated area really. We have 1 week per 9 weeks in which Makerspaces take over the whole library. (keeps it fresh and exciting) Small group areas- we have 20 square tables that can be moved around into groups for projects and discussion.