The Squirrel and the Nut

Week One of 5001 and 5720:

Education has changed quite a bit in the last 20 years. This is partly because these are masters level courses rather than undergraduate level courses so they are understandably more difficult. I imagine they will get even more challenging from here on out as we delve deeper into the world of information and library sciences.

Part of the challenge for me this week was learning a large amount of new technology. I have not used blackboard for online learning in ten years. Thankfully, the system from what I can tell is vastly superior to the old one I used at college a decade ago. I’m still learning it though, and at times it feels like I’m a squirrel trying to find a nut I buried in the fall. Where did I see that bit of information I need?


I’m just starting my first critique of an article. Reading the instructions excited me because I realized I’ll be analyzing a professional article the same way I analyze author’s writing styles in books for my other blog, , only this has more depth to it. Doing these critiques should make me better at doing that for my book reviews on the blog.

The best thing I’ve learned about so far is Diigo. It is a social bookmarking tool that I think will be immensely useful. It is like Pinterest for websites but with the ability to tag, search, and annotate. I can’t wait to introduce it to my students, maybe on day one or two of class.

I’ve been looking at all the classes I’m going to take over the next two to three years and right now I don’t even know what I don’t know, and I am over the moon excited. I love learning.





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