Who are librarians really?

Librarians are as unique as all other people. The career attracts a certain type of person perhaps but not all will fit the same mold. Generally speaking, librarians are people who:

  • love helping people. We get extreme satisfaction from seeing a light go on in a person’s face when we help them find a good book to read.
  • love a good mystery. What I mean by that is that librarians get some very unusual requests for information. Sometimes it takes a bit to track down the answer our patrons are seeking.
  • love helping people learn new things. Some patrons come in needing help creating a resume or filling out a job application. Young people and adults alike learn STEAM lessons.
  • love tedium, details, and are meticulous.
    watercolour-the scream
    A portion of what we do is record keeping which needs to be very accurate, or else a book could become lost in the abyss of incorrect shelving. NOOOO!
  • love books. I mean seriously. We love the feel of paper feathering under our fingers. We love the smell of new, just off the press paper. (Don’t ever dog-ear a page where a librarian can see you. Trust me it is not pretty!)
  • love learning new things. We are like insatiable sponges. We are fascinated by new information, new technology, better ways of doing things. If it involves learning we can’t get enough. We love seeking the answers to our questions as well as the questions of others. We are hunters of knowledge and no tidbit of information is safe!
a petroglyph in Mesa Verde Colorado,  taken by me this summer

love story. The story is timeless. It is human nature to love stories. That is why we have cave paintings from before written language was developed. Humans are just wired for story. Librarians love it on a deeper level. We see beauty is these squiggles on a page. We love the sound of it in our ears and in our minds. We love the truths that all good stories tell.

Librarians are many other things but these things are what I see as the most important.

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